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Home of the Authentic Argentine Experience

Tierra del Fuego was created to expose people around the world to the cultural phenomenon of Argentina and its passion for good food, good wine and a good life. With a simplistic yet flavorful approach to grilling, the "asados" are a part of the Argentine culture shared by people of all ages and social levels. Whether prepared on a wood and charcoal "parrilla" or slow-cooked over an "asador", the tender and juicy "bifes" (served with a side of fresh-made pasta or potatoes fixed in any of several fashions and a glass of malbec) bring people together in a celebration of cultural heritage accompanied by the passionate sound of tango music.

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Our Passion

Argentina is a land of passion and mysticism spawned from the majestic Andes mountain range, the lush and fertile Pampas lowlands and the impressive Perito Moreno glacier in Santa Cruz, just a few miles north of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago in Patagonia and the Antarctic Circle. A cosmopolite country populated mostly by descendants of European immigrants from Spain, Italy and Germany, Argentina is distinguished by its heritage which has forged one of the richest cultures of the Americas.

In folklore, the Argentinean Pampas were home to the “Gaucho”, the nomadic cattle-herding huntsmen who lived in the wild; in literature, Argentina’s epic poem “Martin Fierro” has been translated to over 70 languages worldwide; and in music, Argentina’s passionate tango is a captivating phenomenon both as a musical style and dance.

It is perhaps the passion of its people what best describes Argentina. Legends like Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi have been known for putting all of their heart into soccer playing, no different from San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili. These athletes’ passion can only be surpassed by that of Argentina’s sports fans themselves who live and die with every victory or defeat, whether at a Boca versus River match or at a FIFA world cup.

Passion is also evident in the care and craftsmanship of Argentina’s wine makers in Mendoza, province known for its exquisite wine; and last but not least, passion can be tasted in the flavorful dishes that make up Argentina’s cuisine: the traditional “empanadas”, the delicious gnocchi, the tender and juicy “asados” slow-cooked over wood and charcoal and garnished with “chimichurri”, the decadent “alfajores” and “dulce de leche” crepes… these make up the authentic Argentinean culinary experience. An experience that you can now live in a unique and authentic Argentinean atmosphere at Tierra del Fuego.

Argentina Facts



• is the eighth largest country in the world, the second largest in Latin America and the largest among Spanish-speaking nations.

• is located in southern South America, with the South Atlantic Ocean to the East and South and the Andes mountain range (home of Mount Aconcagua, the tallest peak in America) to the West.

• ranks as the top tourist destination in South America (and the second in Latin America) with Buenos Aires as the most visited city in South America.

• is the fifth most important wine producer in the world.

• is the birthplace of Tango, Buenos Aire's musical symbol which encompasses the musical genre, lyrics and sensual dance style and enjoys worldwide popularity with the ever-evolving genre of neo-tango, a global phenomenon made famous by groups like Gotan Project, Tanghetto and Bajofondo.

• is well know for its barbecues known as "asados" or "parrilladas" whidch feature various types of meat including the "chorizo" (sausage), "mollejas" (sweetbread), "morcilla" (blood sausage), short ribs and several prime beef small cuts.

• has the greatest red meat consumption per capita in the world.

• is home to the most passionate soccer fans in the Americas (if not the world), proud about their national team which has won 25 major international soccer titles including two FIFA World Cups, two Olympic medals and fourteen Copa América's.



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