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Our Beef and Traditional Cooking Style

Argentines love beef and enjoy traditional and non-traditional beef cuts. That's why we showcase the famous "parrillada" which includes a variety of cuts and sausages served at your table in a small grill with live charcoal inside.

The typical Argentine cooking method is over wood and charcoal, very crafty and unique. No other heat source (gas-fueled or electrical) is used. The heat from the burning charcoal is more intense than with other contemporary cooking methods, and that is very important when cooking meat. Under this intense heat, the meat seals up more quickly, allowing its natural juices and flavour to remain inside and helping reach the desired cook term faster without the risk of drying the beef.

The alternative to the "parrilla" is the "asador" which is similar to a rotisserie spit. In it, whole roasts of different carcass sub-primal cuts are hanged in spears or swords over the lit charcoal where they remain for three to five hours, slowly cooking to obtain a smokey flavor and exceptional tenderness.

Tierra del Fuego offers beef for all tastes and preferences: prime and top choice, dry and wet-aged, bone-in or out and grass or grain-fed. You try them all... and pick your favorite.

Our Dishes

Our menu selections feature many traditional Argentine dishes and some rather exclusive creations. Amongst our most popular appetizers are the "Chorizos Parrilleros" (Grilled Sausages), Cheese Provolette, Argentine "Empanadas" (Turnovers) and the Tierra del Fuego and Puerto Madero samplers. Our specialties include the traditional "Milanesas", the exclusive "Aconcagua", the Portobello New York Strip, the Tierra del Fuego Tenderloin (with Mushroom Sauce, Sauteed Onions, Red Wine and Four Cheese Sauce) and our signature "parrilladas" served on a small grill with live coal.

Of course, we have plenty of beef cuts: Tenderloin, Ribeye, New York, Porterhouse, T-Bone, Short Ribs, Sirloin and some you have yet to know. All made in the traditional Argentine fashion: "a la parrilla" (grilled over wood and charcoal). Try your favorite and you will taste the difference. Rest assured, your love for red meat will rekindle (sort of like running into an old flame who looks now better than ever). Or, brace yourself for an overwhelming experience by trying one of our select cuts "al asador", cooked over a slow fire for amazing tenderness and juiciness.

We also have poultry and fish, of course (try the Halibut or Salmon on the grill or prepared to your taste). And for those who want the best of both worlds, we have the Argentine version of the Surf and Turf. To top it all, we have a wide selection of side dishes which include baked, mashed or au gratin potatoes, an exquisitely creamy and tasty potato and cassava puree, "amarillos" (sweet plaintain), provenzal or "mampostea'o" rice, rice and beans, fried cassava and many others.

Of course, Argentina is all about wine and we have a wide array of wine selections to go with your dish.

Finally, to please your sweet tooth, we have some exquisite desserts like the traditional "Alfajores", "Dulce de Leche" Crepes, "Tres Leches" Cake, and other specialities.

We're still working out some details on our new site. Soon you will be able to download PDF versions of our menus and wine lists. Keep coming back.



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